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Welcome To...

Create a Selfie Lounge®

for your Private & Corporate Events

Inject a party within your party!  Your guests will love taking photos with our interactive photo station, making memorable keepsakes with every shot!

Things the Selfie Station can do!

Guests can post directly to their timeline with a caption you specify

Guests have something to mail home about with email photos.

​​​Selfie Station can be customized to represent your brand or event. Display your logo and/or message on the booth and include the ability to add custom frames to prints and social media posts.

Choose from a selection of our backdrops for your event or have a customized backdrop made with your own logo or artwork.

You can specify custom captions, #hashtags and overlays.

Text Message guests and they can too. You can specify the caption!

Props make photo taking even more fun. The prop kit includes hats, goofy glasses, boas, tiaras, and much, much more.

A green screen station lets you select your own backgrounds, that will enable you to be anywhere in space and time.

​Make it Pinteresting.
Selfie Station directly to guest’s Pinterest boards.

Online meets real life. The Selfie Station prints 4 x 6 prints in seconds.

We heart filters: Color, Black &White, SepiaCartoon, Sketch, Warhol, Night Vision, Thermography, Pixel Art, Comic Book, Mosaic and Cross Process. Enable or disable the filters that you like

Guests can toast the newlyweds in a 10-second video. Customers can rave about products in a sales booth. Video is awesome!


Packages and Services


• Selfie Station  
• Selfie Station Attendant
• Social Media Uploads
• Email & Text Messaging
• All Photos sent via URL
• Unlimited Prints
• Premium Lighting 
   with Umbrella
• Party Props

Standard Plus

• Green Screen or 
   Color Backdrop
• Red Carpet 
• Custom Props
• Custom Templates
• Animated GIF

Large Events

• Corporate Events
• Holiday Events
• Sporting Events
• Public Venues
• Charitable Events
• Fairs and Festivals
• Large Private
• Parties
• Surveys & Raffling



Random Winner/Golden Ticket Service Available


Animated GIF, Sign your photo

Question Survey Avail. w/Excel results

Idle Time Service available


Travel over 50 miles, $1/Mile beyond 85296

Conventions, Trade Shows, Grand Openings

The best way to draw more excitement to your booth or business.

Corporate Events

Bring life and fun to corporate get-togethers, allowing your employees tofeel more relaxed! 

Parties (Christmas, Halloween, Birthday, Graduation, etc.)

SouthWest Selfies Events will be the "Life of the Party" with the Selfie Station.

Wedding guests can record 15 second video toasts!
Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Truly a personalized memory maker.
Charity Events
Brand your event with your sponsor logo.
Sporting Events
You'll make a touchdown, hit a home run, score a goal, 

with the SouthWest Selfies Selfie Station every time.



Phone: 305-330-5002 or 877-346-1614 or 602-606-8846

Address: 23053 Addison Lakes Cir. Boca Raton, FL. 33433

Email: info@theselfieplace.com

Helping to capture your moments from LA to Boston to Chicago to Miami

and everywhere in-between 

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