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Updated: Aug 7, 2021

June is traditionally graduation month around the country. And at graduation parties, a photobooth, or in our case, and open-air photo station is always part and parcel of the party! Because of our SelfieStation we get to attend all types of graduation parties, from the simple to the sublime. But one graduation stands out as very entertaining and quite possibly the one with the most remembered and admired guest. And, I want to tell you about this guest.

The 2016 graduation class of SCNM had their party last week. Of the 150 guests, the guest that will be most remembered is Tim. Tim liked to show up in almost every photo, always unassuming, never loud, never pushy and always struck just the right pose! Along with his personality, everyone knew Tim. Whether he photo-bombed or was linked arm in arm with everyone else in the photo, he was always welcome. I will show you a few photos and see if you can guess who Tim is! By the way, they say that Tim actually was a driving force in everyone graduating, and they all said they never would have have graduated had they not known Tim.

What's Up with Tim?

Hey! Can you pick out Tim?

We're all Rockin' with Tim!

Ah Tim!

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