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You Asked & We Answered!

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

Selfie Lounge® With the growing popularity of photos as entertainment & marketing, we have been asked by our clients many times to provide a certain "style" of photo set-up for private and corporate events. We understood immediately - the difference between last century's photobooth and what our clients are looking for in 2018.

To meet the needs of our clients, both in the private sector and the corporate arena, The Selfie Place has put together a hip, cool Selfie Lounge™ for all of your party and event needs. The Selfie Lounge™ is a digital, photo meeting place where you can capture memories, brand your event and data mine at the same time.

Our Selfie Lounge® includes our state-of-the-art Selfie Station, with all of its great capabilities:

Animated GIF

Golden Ticket Winners

Corporate Surveys

Greenscreen Fun

Digital Branding

Social Media Uploading

Add on our #Hashtag Printer to pull any Corporate Event #hashtag or a Wedding Couple's #hashtag photos taken on any/all guests mobile devices and it will print out quality photos for each guest to take home!

When looking for the hippest, up to date photo entertainment or marketing through entertainment equipment, look no further than The Selfie Place.

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