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How One Company Changed the Look & Feel of the Photobooth!

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

When we were kids growing up on the East Coast one of the best things to do in the summer was go to the arcade. It didn't matter if it was in New York or New Jersey, the arcade's were pretty much the same. They were equipped with skeeball, cases enclosed with trinkets that you "picked" up with a mini backhoe, rows & rows of stuffed animals that you "won" when you turned in your Skeeball tickets and of course, the quintessential photobooth!

It was an enclosed booth that you put a quarter in, sat on the stool, & pulled shut the curtain. You had a seconds to take your four photos, which pretty much photographed your face & possibly three other faces - if you were lucky. But, it didn't matter, it really didn't matter. Because at the end you got a strip photo that went into your scrapbook & kept the memory of that photo session in your heart forever.

Today, the photobooth is more popular & available than 50 years ago. You can actually rent booths for weddings & parties. The styles of the booth have pretty much stayed the same, enclosed booth, curtain & strip photos. Some photobooths have the capability of placing a name & date on the photo & may be a bit larger to hold, lets say, 10 people. They are usually staffed by attendants that are there mostly to keep things moving along, not with any photographic or technology skills. The photos are still the same - small and of adequate quality. Props are customary, as they were back then, but quite different now.

Everyone loved mustaches & oversized sunglasses a few years ago, but now look to more sophisticated props. Customers are demanding better quality photos with capabilities of borders and designs that complement their event.

Today, customers want to fit the "entire" bridal party in their photo, want to text, email or upload photos to social media. There are more & more corporate events & conferences that are using the photo-op as entertainment during or after a symposium. And, thanks to SouthWest Selfies the more sophisticated needs of clients is being met.

With the open-air photo booth station, superb quality camera & hi-end printer, The Selfie Place has elevated the photobooth to a new level. Gone are the limitations that an enclosed booth has placed on the guests. Gone, also are the grainy, small photos. With The Selfie Place, there are many, many ways to entertain guests. Besides, the 4 strip photos, The Selfie Place can provide a 4x6 postcard size photo, turn any multi-photo into an animated GIF, take a slo-motion video or a regular video of guests wishing & bride and groom well wishes. When guests are done with their photos, they can text, email, upload to Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter. The Selfie Place can fit into any setting, corporate or private! With it sleek, hip design it has an upscale look and feel.

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